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15th – 18th OCT, 2024 | KIP & NOOK, UK

A luxury, 4 day, transformative experience for burned out female CEOs to reset, feel reinspired & find their people.

So you started out with one,
unexpected, simple idea.

You didn’t truthfully know it was going to work, but you took the risk.

You didn’t really know what you were doing, but you learned as you went.

You didn’t fully feel supported by everyone around you, but that didn’t matter because you believed in you…

And thank god you did because now here you are… Running a successful business that’s become so much bigger than you are.

On the outside, your life looks absolutely incredible. And in part, it is. You’re so proud of yourself for all you’ve achieved. You’re literally living your 2020 vision board. And you can make more money now in a day than you once earned in a month… maybe even a year!

Your business is growing.

Your team is expanding.

Your revenue is increasing.

But when people say to you ‘wow… you’re smashing it!’ or ‘you’re so inspiring!’…
all you really want to reply is ‘if only you knew!’

how do we know this? because we’ve felt exactly the same.

We’re Amy & Katrina, we connected through a mutual friend whilst living in Bali and over a glass of wine and some sushi one night, we realised we had alot in common – we were both lonely CEOs.

After arranging to meet one Thursday evening for dinner, we both arrived late. Immediately we apologised to each other and began dumping our day’s load; we’d been wrapping up late afternoon calls, dealing with team queries, Katrina had only just left the office after a shoot that overran and Amy was in the middle of a huge new service launch.

As we shared our excuses for why we were late, we soon realised this wasn’t bringing the usual shame or guilt that would come with late attendance to a family or friend dinner – instead it was met with understanding, and completely by accident we ended up spending the whole evening chatting about business, life goals & money. Again, not the usual conversation we were used to at the dinner table but one we were definitely more in tune with!

It was actually so great to be able to offload to someone for once who actually understood. To rant about work to someone who’s experienced the same struggles or has a solution. To talk about achievements, money and life goals without feeling like we were bragging…to even simply use our phones at the table without feeling judged!

We had both equally never felt so seen and so heard.

And that’s when we started to wonder… how many other lonely CEOs are there?!

So we created an instagram page, and after just a few posts telling people who we are and why we’re here… we had a community of hundreds of female CEOs flooding our inbox with ‘I NEED THIS!’ And ‘this is exactly what I’ve been craving!’


what’s Included:

  • 2 guest speakers – REFY founder, Jenna & a second guest!
  • 4 collaborative group workshops
  • 1 group panel session
  • Goal setting, hope mapping & vision boarding
  • Additional daily activities – morning yoga, etc
  • Welcome box and exclusive merch
  • 3 nights 5 star luxury accommodation
  • All meals
  • Life-long CEO friendships

5 star luxury accommodation at kip & nook